How to Stop Time

It's only recently I've even heard of Matt Haig. Mostly because a lot of people I follow, like or retweet some of his tweets so he's always on my time-line. Then I was just reading something someone wrote about his newest novel "Notes on a Nervous Planet" and minutes later my eye caught this novel... Continue Reading →


Little Fires Everywhere

Let's start with the basics: this is the best book I've read this year. Actually, it's the best I've read in a couple of years. Celeste Ng has written a beauty of a book. The Richardson Family live in Shaker Heights. An affluent and planned neighborhood where order and rules are its guiding principles. Along... Continue Reading →

A Skinful of Shadows

Frances Hardinge is a unique writer with her own indomitable style. The Lie Tree, her previous novel, won her a Costa Award and although I'm not one that gives a lot of weight to literary awards, it brought the name 'Frances Hardinge' to my attention and I'm glad it did. As in keeping with her... Continue Reading →

Boy’s Life

Up until a few months back, Robert McCammon was unknown to me. I had never heard of him, his work or anything about his person. But then for some reason, I started to see mention of 'Boy's Life' appear on the pages and feeds of various people I follow on different forms of social media.... Continue Reading →

The Outsider

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD. Terry Maitland is an all round good guy; Little League coach and pillar of the community. He has a wife, two daughters and is as loved by his neighbours and co-workers in the school where he teaches as any one man could ever hope to be. That is until several solid... Continue Reading →


I'm an avid listener of a podcast called The Bestseller Experiment (for any budding authors among you I wholeheartedly urge you to go find it and begin your binge listening), and not so long ago I heard a chap called Ed McDonald on there. I liked what he had to say about the writing process... Continue Reading →

The First Law Trilogy

At the time of writing, these books (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and The Last Argument of Kings), the First Law Trilogy, would be considered old since it's been more than a decade since they were first published. Well, so what? I'll throw up a review if I want to. Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE... Continue Reading →

Born to Run

This review is a bit of a side-step from the usual kind of book that I cover here. I generally read very little non-fiction, but if I do, then it does tend to be biographies or auto-biographies. Musicians, sports people, politicians, or people who I just find interesting really. In this instance, that just so... Continue Reading →

Half A King

Let's get one thing straight from the off: I love Joe Abercrombie. The guy can write and he writes just the sort of thing I love the most; dark, gritty fantasy novels with heroes who are not necessarily deserving of the title; fully rounded characters with flaws just like everyone else -- although often the... Continue Reading →

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