The Chalk Man

I have Stephen King's recommendations on Twitter to thank for some great reads and some not so great ones. The Chalk Man by C.J.Tudor is up for review today solely because of the great man himself."If you like my books then you'll like this." Not that I wouldn't have bought this had I come across... Continue Reading →


The Incorruptibles

I had never heard of John Hornor Jacobs until I came across this novel in a dingy little bookshop where I can sometimes pick up classics for two or three quid. Lo and behold my interest was piqued when I seen Patrick Rothfuss, Chuck Wendig and Mark Lawrence (among others) allowed their names be attached... Continue Reading →

Sea of Rust

This novel is both an action-packed, perfectly paced piece of literature and a heartfelt tale of love and death and loss within the context of a world devoured by robotics and AI

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